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Maxum Boats was founded over fifteen years ago, and they are a proud member of the Brunswick Boat Group. They currently run two manufacturing facilities, the first of which is in Pipestone, Minnesota. This Maxum Boat plant is the largest employer in the community, and it has given jobs to three hundred people, who make the Maxum runabouts. The second plant covers a large, one hundred and forty thousand square foot area in Salisbury, Maryland. This plant manufactures all of the company’s cruiser boats, and employs around two hundred people.  

      Maxum Boats offers a unique approach to boat building, called the PRO System. The PRO System makes sure that their boats are made with the highest quality of products and materials at the best price possible. This advanced system performs thorough performance testing to produce dependable, smooth riding boats. Maxum uses the most innovative and creative processes and technologies when they build their boats, from the refined hulls to the smallest feature. They utilize their own, unique Beam Forward Design which provides more room on the boat for more gear, friends, and action than ever before.  

      This company offers four boat series’ that have twenty boats between them. The first category is the Sport Boat Series. These boats are packed with all the amenities needed for great performance. The models in this series are:

  • 1800 MX, 1800 SR3, 1900 SR3, 2000 SR3, 2100 SC, 2200 SR3, 2400 SC3, and the 2400 SR. These boats all come with standard features such as:
    • Walk through windshields
    • Spacious sun lounges
    • Roomy cockpits
    • Transom storage trunks

The next series is the Sport Deck Series. These models combine style, sport, space and performance like only Maxum boats can. The boats in this category are:

  • 2100 SD, and the 2400 SD. These two boats include features like:
    • Up to twelve passenger seating
    • Spacious storage
    • Roomy cockpits
    • Walk through windshields

The Sport Cruiser Series of boats allows you to make the most of your time on the water. These boats are perfect for the active lifestyles of those who enjoy water sports like skiing and wakeboarding. The models in this series are:

  • 2400 SE, 2600 SE, 2700 SE, 2900 SE, 3100 SE, and the 3300 SE. These cruisers all come with features such as:
    • Built-in coolers
    • Spacious platforms
    • Under-seat storage
    • Comfortable sleeping areas

The last category that Maxum offers is the Sport Yacht Series. This series has boats that are the last word in luxury and comfort. These high-end, top quality boats have literally everything. The Yacht models are:

  • 3500 SY, 3700 SY, and the 4200 SY. These three boats include features and amenities such as:
    • Private cabins
    • Fully equipped galleys
    • Molded in showers
    • Oversized helms

      Maxum Boats takes care to ensure that their customers know they are not one of those boat companies that are around for a while, only to go out of business as soon as they sell you a boat. They guarantee that they will always have all the services, parts and accessories needed to make your boat safe, fun, and comfortable. One of the ways they prove their dedication to customer service is by implementing the US Marine PRO DEALER program. This dealer certification program centers on helping dealers continuously improve how they do business to make sure that the customer walks away with a satisfying buying experience. Maxum Boats is definitely committed to their customers, and their unsurpassed customer service proves this.


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